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Documenting the birth of a new baby is something I have had on my professional bucket list for some time. I am happy to say, I can cross that off my list, only to add it to my MUST DO OFTEN LIST! It was incredible. This was my very first hospital session and I must say, I absolutely LOVED capturing such an intimate and very special moment in the lives of the Schmeing Family. I have been following Baby E, Elena since she was just a few weeks old. Now, she is a big sister at 21 months, welcoming Emma Renee. I created a slide show for the family to share with family and friends which will remain private. Here is a peek of the storytelling session. If you are not sure what a storytelling session is, please check my blog archives. Storytelling sessions are my absolute favorite sessions. It’s a way to capture life behind the scenes as it REALLY is/was and a priceless way to pass on the story in the years to come. Obviously, it is an on location shoot, the choice of color or black and white is the discretion of the photographer. Storytelling sessions come with the option of a book, a slideshow, and or prints. This is a very intimate, lovely genre of what I do, and I would love to share it with you! Oh! BTW, when I was waiting at the Hospital for Danny and Mel to arrive, someone asked me if I was there to shoot celebrities. My response was, “Of course!” You see, ALL of my clients are celebrities!

Arriving at the Hospital…the Big Day is finally here!

Checking in…LOVE this picture! Mel is an adorable Mama!
I wanted to make sure I captured just how ready she was to deliver!

Love this shot of Mel’s Family coming right around the corner on Birthday! So cute!

Mel’s Grandfather taking a first look…

Oh my! Elena aka…Baby E checking out her new baby sister!

Mel’s parents meet Emma for the first time. Love their expressions!

How lucky am I? I LOVE what I do!!!!

How sweet is this? Danny’s Mom holding Emma.

A first visit from the Baby Doc.

Oops! This shot is out of order. This is Mel, right before delivery. Isn’t she lovely?

I think E likes her…

A picture really is worth a 1000 words, isn’t it?

Telling the story…love seeing Mel’s Grandfather in the background of this shot. Not a perfectly exposed picture, but it is so much of the story.
A keeper, for sure…




One of my absolute favorite shots of the day. Look at Danny. So excited and happy. Mel’s Mom and E look on, Mel’s dad is busy messaging the news of Emma’s arrival.
Great storytelling shot, if I do say so, myself.




When I captured this shot, I could do nothing but smile. For the past 21 months I have struggled with the expressions of E and here we go again! Another adorable face… full of lots of expressions, I am sure!
How adorable is this new little darling?

When I saw this, I was amazed by how alert and wide eyed this new little person was just about an hour after being born. Wow! How cool is this?
I LOVE her sweet little pink face and that hair…all that hair!

Storytelling at it’s best, in my opinion. Meeting Baby Emma. Can you feel the LOVE?

Oh my. I can just see the adventure filled days for these two little girls.
E just has to be patient for Emma to catch up. It won’t be long…
Poor Danny and Mel…lol! Life will never be the same. In a good way.
A very good way. Two girls. Oh my!

I shared this picture on Facebook. Of course! A typical reaction to any girl at the thought of being weighed publicly, on Facebook, no less. A sign of the times…

Sleeping Emma

I would LOVE to know what E is thinking at this very moment…wouldn’t you?

This is Emma while being held by Danny’s Mom. So sweet. She is really checking her out, isn’t she?

Another great storytelling shot. In the hospital. Danny’s Dad is holding Emma. Danny’s Mom and Danny in the background.
I could have zoomed in on Danny’s Dad and Emma, but it’s the story I want, here.

Danny’s Dad holding Emma. HIs hands. Her yawn. LOVE.

Being a family photographer gives me the opportunity to really get to know my clients and share in the special moments in their lives.
It has been such a pleasure getting to know these two and such an honor to document Emma’s Birth.



Baby E will celebrate her first birthday soon.  It has been a privilege to follow her, photographically speaking,  for the past year.  I was looking back at all of her pictures as we prepare to create a keepsake album and make final selections for wall decor  and prints. Only the best of the best, the absolute favorites will make the cut.  By best, it’s not always the most beautiful image that makes the cut.  It’s the shot that captures the true essence of E at that very moment in time. It’s the shots that we painstakingly labored over to capture.  It’s the quick shot that was stolen without anyone knowing. It’s the shot that screams you matter, you are important, I LOVE YOU!  It’s the shot that shows impatience, frustration and cries, “Change my dirty diaper, I’m hungry, I want to go HOME!”

When I saw this shot,  I was thinking…Will they remember her hair?  ALL of that lovely dark hair? Will they  remember all the milestones of her first year of life through the images we have created?   Have we captured it in a way that they will forever treasure this past year in pictures?  You see, I take my job very seriously.  It’s not about the adorable smile captured while three crazy adults try to get her to smile in that certain way she always does…  It’s about relationships. It’s not about the precious clothing carefully chosen.  It’s about LOVE.  It’s the story of  Melissa and Danny, parents for the very first time and all that encompasses.  It’s about E.  Sure three crazy adults, and adorable clothing all  play a part, and quite frankly if that didn’t happen, we might not have created such amazing, frozen in time, fabulous images that will be treasured for a lifetime.  We work together to create a authentic classic images that will stand the test of time. We capture memories,  print those memories and proudly display them on our walls.  Notice how I say, “WE?” I am not the reason the images are amazing, and fabulous.  WE are! I am just the lucky one who gets to go along for a brief moment and enjoy the ride.  And, what a ride it has been! I also know how to use very fancy pants  equipment, and have acquired  a few other necessary skills to create technically sound photographic images. How lucky I am to click the shutter at such amazing moments!

When I  thought of doing a first year shoot, I was thinking…Wow! That is a LONG time and a ton of  work.  I am happy to report it has been a ton of work. Lots of time spent in the studio with E trying to create a story representative of her first year. Lots of time selecting the very best images and editing in a way as to not invade the person she truly is at the moment.  I am sad to say it was NOT a long time.  In the blink of an eye, our children are OLD.   OLD and much wiser, they think, than their parents.  I love capturing those first  weeks,  the innocence of childhood, and the rebellion of the teenage years. I truly hope you are doing the same.  Will you remember?

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