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Brady is probably my absolute favorite little boy to photograph. I have a file on my computer created especially for his images…I call it, “the most adorable little boy in the world.”   I have been photographing Brady since his first few weeks of life and each and every session is amazing.  We became fast friends and I just love his inquisitive nature.  Lucky I do not have a chandelier in the studio!  Sessions are always relaxed as we try to catch Brady being Brady.

Thank you so much for sharing this adorable child with me!  Enjoy!


Oh!  I thought I would share a favorite of Brady from Christmas 2012…Isn’t he beautiful?




Brady! Christmas 2012 What a difference a year makes!



This window is what made me fall in love with my new studio space. I pictured shots like this in my mind…Love it. Brady and his Mom are adorable. 
Such a sweet moment. Don’t you think?


Brady and Ella…Cousins!



How cute is this little guy?

How cute is this little guy? Brady sat still for this shot for maybe…five seconds? Love it!



Learning to share!


I spy Nana! Oh my! It is such a joy to see the amazing relationship between these two. Brady is one LOVED child! xxoo


Kisses from Nana…


More kisses from Nana…did I say this kid is LOVED?


Through the window with Brady. Oh my!


What is outside? Nana being silly, for sure!


Nana asked me to shoot Brady going down the steps. I was skeptical
as I was so worried about the steepness. It appears Brady slides down full speed at home! Luckily he was a bit more cautious at the studio. How many of you have a shot just like this? Very vintage feel…FYI Nana was just around the corner!  🙂



A Mama and her boy…such cute toes! xxoo

FINALLY!  A shot that expresses my LOVE of my Christmas Lollies!  Perfection!

FINALLY! A shot that expresses my LOVE for my Christmas Lollies! Perfection!


Last year I had the pleasure of shooting Sally and adorable Harper.  This year, all of Sally’s Grandchildren were able to join in the fun!  It was a lively session with lots of action.  It is my hope with each session to capture kids just being kids. It was so much fun to see how much Harper has grown over the past year.  Last year she was new walker and today…well, let’s just say she keeps up with her cousins, just fine!


2 year old Harper…all she NEEDS for Christmas is a FisherPrice Camera and she is set to go!

Lolly Love!!!!

Such a sweetie!

Nana reading to the Grands!

Brother and Sister!

Such a sweetheart!

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P i n t e r e s t
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