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So excited to launch the 2nd Kim Kruer Photography Cutest Baby Contest tonight! I love the excitement and buzz it creates. This year, I asked to photograph the babies myself rather than having everyone upload a picture of their adorable little one. It was so much fun! I am happy to say it went off without a hitch and everyone did splendidly. I knew the numbers would be down as it is so much easier to upload a picture than to make the trip to my studio in Montgomery, Ohio.  I so appreciate each and everyone of you that made the effort!  As a thank you, I will be sending you a special keepsake in the next few weeks. I wish everyone good luck and I can not wait to see who wins! Here are my favorite  pictures from last year’s winner. Miss Madison Faith!

Madison was itty bitty when she came into the studio for her first session. I realized rather quickly that I would need to see her again and again to get just the right pictures to create the adorable book she won as the Cutest Baby 2014. Each session was better than the last and we had so much fun! I hope to see Madison in the studio as she grows. xxoo WarmandSassyMadisonFaith-Edit KIM_5761-Edit-Edit-Edit KIM_5608-Edit-Edit-Edit KIM_5800-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit KIM_5783-Edit-Edit DSC_9533-Edit-2-Edit DSC_9502-Edit DSC_9808-Edit DSC_9565-Edit DSC_9556-Edit 001 DSC_7315-Edit DSC_7340-Edit DSC_7373-Edit

I had the pleasure of shooting Em’s Hospital Session the day she was born and we’ve had a few sessions since then. Documenting these two little ones as they grow and change with each session is such a privilege.  El is talking now.  It is so fun to hear her chatter away and make sense of  the world around her.  She has adapted quite well to the role of Big Sister and I think it is safe to say, she is doing a fine job under the watchful eyes of  Mom and Dad, Mel and Danny.  Sisters.  Ahhh…so cute! I thought is would be fun to see both of these little Merbabies side by side.  How cute is this????


Love this side by side comparison of these two. Em is on the left and El is on the right.


Oh my! Em, following in her sister’s fin quite well! I just love these Schmeing Merbabies!


I loved watching El point out her family in pictures at the studio.


This kid talks. A lot. It is such a joy to hear her chatter away.


You are looking at a future Fire Chief! Love this sweet shot of El.


El makes being 2 look like it is so much fun!

162163 DSC_5707-Edit

During a session, changing clothes is something we do. Em doesn’t seem to mind.




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