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Fourteen months old.  Friendly.  Talkative.  Kind.   Active.  Fearless.

Aubrey is the 2015 winner of my annual Cutest Baby Contest.

I have the pleasure of documenting a year of Aubrey’s life.

 I love watching her grow and change.

I think you will, too!




Look who arrived at the studio today. By the look on her face, I think Kim Kruer Photography was NOT her first choice for her destination.


Actually, maybe it was?


Balloons and Bubbles? What more could a girl ask for?


Aubrey is the first to play in the studio sand box. A perfect spot to capture such great shots!


Another sandbox shot. I love this serious shot of such a beautiful child.


Those thighs! Those cute little toes! She is A D O R A B L E !


I LOVE this classic shot of summer! Looks like it could have been taken many, many years ago! Timeless shot!


I thought it would be adorable to see Aubrey on the move. She is a little buster!


Stopping to see what’s happening…


A girl on a mission…




What is a summer session without an ice-cream cone?  I think she likes it.  …and it’s so cool, she shares!


A few from inside…Hiding Diva


Years from now.  I have a feeling there will be another shot of Aubrey,,,just like this one!


There is always that moment in a session when I just know that it’s time to stop. This was that moment.


…and then she left. Good bye sweet Aubrey, until next time! xxoo


One of my most favorite sessions has to be a High School Graduation family session. All of my senior packages include a 15 minute cap and gown session with the grad and the most important people in their lives. Graduation is bittersweet. Sessions are always before Graduation, never after as I think the grads look different after the actual ceremony. It is my pleasure to document this important milestone. Eric is headed to the University of Kentucky, College of Engineering where he will be in the SEAM program.  Congratulations to Eric and his family. xxoo

Please contact my assistant, Cassie at if you are interested in a senior session.  I am happy to forward digital files to your school for the yearbook.


A Senior Picture


A personal favorite…


Images can be printed in color or black and white.


It is a GREAT day to be a bluebird. Eric will graduate TODAY! Congratulations!


Love to shoot the Grad Session at a location that is special to the Grad.


Eric and his parents…


Love this shot of Eric with his family. Such a special shot documenting an important milestone.




I can only imagine the fun these three had as they were growing up together…

Dance. I am not sure, but I bet most of us have  dance memories. I, have a few. Mine are not the most positive memories of my childhood, as I hid in the waiting area of my dance studio for months until it was discovered that I was actually enrolled in that 4:00 afternoon ballet and tap class. I bet Ruby, Laney and Franny’s experience might be a bit more positive than mine. They come from a long line of dancing women. After this session, it is very clear that these three sisters love each other, enjoy life and I have a feeling they are going to look back years from now with fond memories of their years in dance.  They are athletic, charming, and more fun than I have had in a very long time. I needed a few models to help me order some samples for an upcoming dance shoot, and they were amazing! A big thank up to Ruby, Laney and Franny, and of course a big thanks to their Mom, Joy.

So girls,  when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.  I know you will.  xxoo



So much personality! Just darling!


This shot says a lot about Laney. Spunky. Athletic. Adorable. A sweetheart.


The Smith Girls



Ruby does this with such grace and style.



I love this shot of spunky Laney. So graceful.




I bet these three have such fun each and every day. I loved watching them interact with each other. So special.




I absolutely love shots like this! Those eyes. Those dangling legs. It screams childhood to me.




I have a feeling there might be a few pictures of Joy, Laney’s Mom, that look just like this…



Such a great shot of three adorable sisters.



Ruby was so patient with me while doing the spits. It took me a bit to get it just right. I was so happy the girls had ideas, lots of ideas. They seemed to know just what to do. Typically, I am the poser or at least the idea person in a session. Not the case for this one. I wonder if spending my dance career in the waiting area has anything to do with my lack of posing ability?




Franny knew just what she wanted to do…




Not sure how they manage to look so cute upside down, but they do…



Ruby is growing up!



It’s not all work and no play during a session. Love when I capture an amazing shot while we are setting up the shot Sometimes it’s these shots that are the absolute BEST and become the SHOT!



My posing game for Franny…I count to five and with each count, she changed poses…it was a riot.





One of my favorite action shots of all time.



  DSC_4003-Edit DSC_3911-Edit


After shooting a mini princess and the pea shot for Mel’s newly born niece, Kylie, Mel wanted a session for her two little princesses. To create a safe place for photographing these two very active princesses was very challenging. I knew I wanted a whimsical look with bright colors.  And.  Of course, a crown of sorts.  Emma made a flowered headband her crown, and Elena switched it up a bit mid-session. At one point in the session, Mel and I both wore crowns.  It truly is fun to be a princess.  Our pea, disappeared after Elena’s session, as she is affectionately called Sweet Pea.  I had borrowed the peas for a while so she was happy to have them back. Not every picture will highlight the whimsical bright colors.  In fact, maybe one or two will be something worthy of a photograph.  But, the picture within the picture, stolen moments of childhood, those will be placed carefully in the family photo album.  Another  wonderfully fun session in the studio with two of my favorite clients.  I love their spirit which ultimately creates some very real shots to be treasured in the years to come.


It became necessary to encourage imaginary play pretty early into the session. It appears Elena really put some thought into it… and it was at this point, the Meyer’s Clean Day Lavender Scent Muti-Surface Everyday Cleaner appeared!  ABRACADABRA…and there is was!




Having mom close by just in case, Emma decides to move a bit too close to the edge, makes my job much easier.


A game of peek-a-boo behind the curtain was a great way to get some nice genuine smiles from Princess Elena.


I always LOVE the serious shots of Elena. I have to be quick, though, because she is full of energy and enthusiasm, it has become harder and harder to capture these types of shots. This princess is growing up.


Such a sweet shot! A quiet moment captured in the life of this sweet little girl.


A picture within a picture. Something I like to do with almost all of my sessions. Creating a fun session helps children relax and have fun, but also creates moments of pure joy for me as a photographer. I love capturing shots like this. A child. Plain and simple. A beautiful child.



Oh my goodness! Does it get any better than this? I love her posture. She is so adorable. Already has a mind of her own. She turned the flowered headband into her Princess Crown. And she means business. There was absolutely NO messing with her, today. She comes into the studio, asks for her babies, she knows what she wants and that is that.


Mel wears the crown to get these two princesses in the spirit!


Another picture within a picture. Love this shot of Elena.



Oh NO!  Where is the Pea????? One of my favorite shots of Princess Emma today.


Emma does not give those smiles without the help of her encouraging parents.   Sometimes the shot is not just of the child I am photographing, but the parents behind the scenes lovingly cheering them on… A game of peek-a-boo does the trick again.


Being a Princess is hard work. It’s time for a nap…



Elena’s Favorite Princess… Rapunzel

Emma’s Favorite Princess…Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Mel’s Favorite Princess…Belle

Danny’s Favorite Princess…actually, Danny has two.  Elena and Emma



A new baby girl. I had the pleasure of meeting Madeleine when her husband, Mike was deployed. They got married. They had a baby. Annabelle is a beautiful baby. Ten days old today. The perfect time to photograph a newborn. Hope to see her again once she is six months old. It is so much fun to watch babies grow and change. xxoo

DSC_2479-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit copy

I love measuring the growth milestones of a child in silly ways. One way is to shoot your child using the exact same prop (this amazing sofa at my studio) to show just how much they have grown over a certain period of time. I like to photograph Babies at birth, on or before they are ten days old, six months and one year. I love watching my little clients grow and change over the years.



Such a sweetheart, even after a long night last night, they still LOVE her!


Checking out her Mama…


LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot. Ten days old and so alert. Ahhhh…that wonderful time. Everything is new. Everything is just about perfect. Can’t wait to see this relationship grow.


Another favorite shot from our session. New parents. I LOVE their sense of wonder and excitement.  Treasure this time.


This shot did not really go as planned, but I absolutely LOVE it. This is how Annabelle rolls. She yawns.  She stretches.  She shows  us those adorable toes and amazing lips. Thank you, sweet baby.


At every session, I do one or two shots just for me. Funny story about this driftwood basket. I got a text from my Richie saying he thought our ebay account had been hacked. “Some IDIOT bought a bunch of twigs for $30.00!” Yep, that would be me!!! I am still learning how to pose newborns. I hope I never feel like I have it all figured out, as it is so much fun trying to master my craft. Sweet shot of an adorable newborn sleeping…for about FIVE minutes!


Oh my! Such a sweet family! What a lively session! Two adorable children.  Ella is 
very very busy and such a Little Miss Smarty at two years old. 
 We had such fun singing and playing. 
 Grant is six months old... such an adorable baby boy!

A Kiss

Oh, my! The JOYS of motherhood!!!!! LOVE!

Made in the USA. All American Baby.

Dads are so much fun to have in the studio.

Sweet Baby Boy!

A rest between shots.

Another Kiss

I love this shot. A quiet moment.

Another favorite…


I had the pleasure of shooting Em’s Hospital Session the day she was born and we’ve had a few sessions since then. Documenting these two little ones as they grow and change with each session is such a privilege.  El is talking now.  It is so fun to hear her chatter away and make sense of  the world around her.  She has adapted quite well to the role of Big Sister and I think it is safe to say, she is doing a fine job under the watchful eyes of  Mom and Dad, Mel and Danny.  Sisters.  Ahhh…so cute! I thought is would be fun to see both of these little Merbabies side by side.  How cute is this????


Love this side by side comparison of these two. Em is on the left and El is on the right.


Oh my! Em, following in her sister’s fin quite well! I just love these Schmeing Merbabies!


I loved watching El point out her family in pictures at the studio.


This kid talks. A lot. It is such a joy to hear her chatter away.


You are looking at a future Fire Chief! Love this sweet shot of El.


El makes being 2 look like it is so much fun!

162163 DSC_5707-Edit

During a session, changing clothes is something we do. Em doesn’t seem to mind.




I have been shooting  El…aka Baby E,  since she was just a few weeks old.  Em joined the family and life will never be the same for this adorable family. They are truly  blessed.  It is always such a pleasure to spend time with Dan and Mel.  El is two and was in perpetual motion the entire session.  She loved looking out the studio window in search for her latest obsession…firetrucks.  I love it!  Em is the most content baby I have ever seen, so happy!  I am always amazed at the results of these sessions.  We hang out, we chat, we have fun.  Not a lot of posing going on because  that is just not at all El’s style.  She is a girl on a mission!  We have to catch her being a kid.  I like that.  We had a very special visitor today and it was so much fun.  Em is too young to be alarmed, and El, well she was fine as long as Santa kept his distance.   Merry Christmas to this special family. If you are interested in a family session, please contact me.

Such a sweet shot El sharing the love with Dan and Em.

Such a sweet shot of El sharing the love with Dan and Em.


Probably one of my favorite ALL TIME shots EVER!!!! Love it! Waiting for Santa.


A Visit From Santa…Wonder what he was saying to El?  Naughty or Nice?


Dan with Em.


El’s new boots. These boots were made for walking…and running!



Oh my! El is such a beautiful child. She is talking so much and is such a delight!


El loved looking out the studio window. She counted cars…1, 2, 3, 5…she looked for firetrucks. I wanted to capture shots just like this…it was my lucky day!


Santa’s little elf, Em.

Yesterday was such an amazing day.  I shot the cutest newborn and “big” sister on location in their home outside of  Louisville.  I love seeing relationships at beginning stages.  Anyone having a toddler and a newborn knows only too well the constant challenge of keeping baby safe from all the “love” the toddler has to share.  If they don’t know, they learn very quickly.I LOVED seeing 18 month Abigail practicing such amazing self control when it came to sharing her “love” with her newborn baby sister.  She would literally shake with excitement, as she tried so hard to be soft.  It was precious.  I am quite sure these two will be fast friends and their future together will be full of such fun and endless adventures.

This is the picture of Abigail “shaking” with excitement…that might explain why it is not as sharp as I’d like:)

Already “sharing” her sister’s clothing…

Baby Liliana Elise loves to be swaddled.

One more kiss…

One more lick!



Senior shoots are bittersweet.  Oh my.  I just love these shots of beautiful Maggie.  I think each shot captures a bit of her unique personality. We met at my studio in Covington and did some in studio shooting and then ventured outside even though it was a bit chilly.  Congratulations to Maggie and best wishes for a bright future.  I am sure it will be amazing! xxoo

Baby E will celebrate her first birthday soon.  It has been a privilege to follow her, photographically speaking,  for the past year.  I was looking back at all of her pictures as we prepare to create a keepsake album and make final selections for wall decor  and prints. Only the best of the best, the absolute favorites will make the cut.  By best, it’s not always the most beautiful image that makes the cut.  It’s the shot that captures the true essence of E at that very moment in time. It’s the shots that we painstakingly labored over to capture.  It’s the quick shot that was stolen without anyone knowing. It’s the shot that screams you matter, you are important, I LOVE YOU!  It’s the shot that shows impatience, frustration and cries, “Change my dirty diaper, I’m hungry, I want to go HOME!”

When I saw this shot,  I was thinking…Will they remember her hair?  ALL of that lovely dark hair? Will they  remember all the milestones of her first year of life through the images we have created?   Have we captured it in a way that they will forever treasure this past year in pictures?  You see, I take my job very seriously.  It’s not about the adorable smile captured while three crazy adults try to get her to smile in that certain way she always does…  It’s about relationships. It’s not about the precious clothing carefully chosen.  It’s about LOVE.  It’s the story of  Melissa and Danny, parents for the very first time and all that encompasses.  It’s about E.  Sure three crazy adults, and adorable clothing all  play a part, and quite frankly if that didn’t happen, we might not have created such amazing, frozen in time, fabulous images that will be treasured for a lifetime.  We work together to create a authentic classic images that will stand the test of time. We capture memories,  print those memories and proudly display them on our walls.  Notice how I say, “WE?” I am not the reason the images are amazing, and fabulous.  WE are! I am just the lucky one who gets to go along for a brief moment and enjoy the ride.  And, what a ride it has been! I also know how to use very fancy pants  equipment, and have acquired  a few other necessary skills to create technically sound photographic images. How lucky I am to click the shutter at such amazing moments!

When I  thought of doing a first year shoot, I was thinking…Wow! That is a LONG time and a ton of  work.  I am happy to report it has been a ton of work. Lots of time spent in the studio with E trying to create a story representative of her first year. Lots of time selecting the very best images and editing in a way as to not invade the person she truly is at the moment.  I am sad to say it was NOT a long time.  In the blink of an eye, our children are OLD.   OLD and much wiser, they think, than their parents.  I love capturing those first  weeks,  the innocence of childhood, and the rebellion of the teenage years. I truly hope you are doing the same.  Will you remember?

Oh My!  I can’t recommend a session more than a storytelling session!!!

What exactly is a storytelling session and WHY?

As a child, I remember visiting my grandparents home on Sunday afternoons  for a traditional Italian meal where we all gathered around the dining room table and we shared a meal and so much more.  I would give anything to have a visual reminder of that very special time in my childhood.  The porch…where I often sat chatting with my grandfather,  his smile, his laugh, his hands, a piece of juicy fruit he shared from his pocket, the wisdom of his words.  The backyard swing… where I spent hours flying high into the sky while my Grandfather tended his tomato plants. The “powder room,”   The Meal…steaming hot homemade spaghetti sauce with rigatoni noodles and little handmade meatballs and sausages topped with freshly grated cheeses.  Fresh bright red homegrown  tomatoes,( just picked, usually by one of us lucky grandchildren) in a tossed salad, my grandmother’s amazingly soft,  meticulously manicured fingers and hands, so tiny for a grown women. The smell of  freshly baked Italian Bread hot from the oven.  The crisp starched linen napkins, the delicate china, the laughter and stories we shared, the glances and expressions on our faces.  The bubbles in the sink, hand dish washing with my grandmother,  I could go on and on… That is what a storytelling session is all about.  It is capturing the details of our lives. It is capturing the relationships and interaction with each other. It is capturing the L O V E.  It might be a day in the life type of story, or a special occasion.  those things we hold dear in our heart that we never want to forget, the way it really was…that is my WHY!

Facebook now uses timeline cover photos ( the larger banner-type space at the top of your wall on Facebook) and they can be personalized to show your personal style, as well as show off  wonderful pictures! I love creating Facebook  Timeline Covers with pictures from shoots.  Contact the studio if you would like for me to create one for you!  Here are some options available. Of course, all timeline covers are personalized. We can work together to create something GREAT!







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