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Yesterday was such an amazing day.  I shot the cutest newborn and “big” sister on location in their home outside of  Louisville.  I love seeing relationships at beginning stages.  Anyone having a toddler and a newborn knows only too well the constant challenge of keeping baby safe from all the “love” the toddler has to share.  If they don’t know, they learn very quickly.I LOVED seeing 18 month Abigail practicing such amazing self control when it came to sharing her “love” with her newborn baby sister.  She would literally shake with excitement, as she tried so hard to be soft.  It was precious.  I am quite sure these two will be fast friends and their future together will be full of such fun and endless adventures.

This is the picture of Abigail “shaking” with excitement…that might explain why it is not as sharp as I’d like:)

Already “sharing” her sister’s clothing…

Baby Liliana Elise loves to be swaddled.

One more kiss…

One more lick!

Sessions in the studio are always an option.  Sessions at a nearby park are always an option. But.  It’s always an option to have a session at  places that are more near and dear to your heart. I love to plan a session that will highlight a day in your life. The regular routines of your day. Your normal. Your now.  Your present perfect.  I call these sessions Storytelling.  I know life isn’t always as perfect as we would like.  Our homes are not always as tidy as we  would like. Children are not always picture perfect.  We are not always picture perfect.  But.  If you wait until the perfect moment, it might NEVER, EVER happen.  Perfect is NOW. NOW…is all we really have.

Sure.  I can give you what you think is perfect. But. I’d rather give you NOW.  P.S. This example is PERFECT 🙂 Xx00

June 15, 2012

Baby E.  E for short, is absolutely a delight to photograph.  However, this was a more serious shoot for the seventh month old.  Could it be that she was bored?  Could it be that she just knows she is so stinkin cute that she has tired of all the fuss?  I am not sure we will ever know, but what I do know is that she is as adorable as ever! Enjoy!




L e t ' s   M e e t
P i n t e r e s t
F a c e b o o k