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Dance. I am not sure, but I bet most of us have  dance memories. I, have a few. Mine are not the most positive memories of my childhood, as I hid in the waiting area of my dance studio for months until it was discovered that I was actually enrolled in that 4:00 afternoon ballet and tap class. I bet Ruby, Laney and Franny’s experience might be a bit more positive than mine. They come from a long line of dancing women. After this session, it is very clear that these three sisters love each other, enjoy life and I have a feeling they are going to look back years from now with fond memories of their years in dance.  They are athletic, charming, and more fun than I have had in a very long time. I needed a few models to help me order some samples for an upcoming dance shoot, and they were amazing! A big thank up to Ruby, Laney and Franny, and of course a big thanks to their Mom, Joy.

So girls,  when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.  I know you will.  xxoo



So much personality! Just darling!


This shot says a lot about Laney. Spunky. Athletic. Adorable. A sweetheart.


The Smith Girls



Ruby does this with such grace and style.



I love this shot of spunky Laney. So graceful.




I bet these three have such fun each and every day. I loved watching them interact with each other. So special.




I absolutely love shots like this! Those eyes. Those dangling legs. It screams childhood to me.




I have a feeling there might be a few pictures of Joy, Laney’s Mom, that look just like this…



Such a great shot of three adorable sisters.



Ruby was so patient with me while doing the spits. It took me a bit to get it just right. I was so happy the girls had ideas, lots of ideas. They seemed to know just what to do. Typically, I am the poser or at least the idea person in a session. Not the case for this one. I wonder if spending my dance career in the waiting area has anything to do with my lack of posing ability?




Franny knew just what she wanted to do…




Not sure how they manage to look so cute upside down, but they do…



Ruby is growing up!



It’s not all work and no play during a session. Love when I capture an amazing shot while we are setting up the shot Sometimes it’s these shots that are the absolute BEST and become the SHOT!



My posing game for Franny…I count to five and with each count, she changed poses…it was a riot.





One of my favorite action shots of all time.



  DSC_4003-Edit DSC_3911-Edit

L e t ' s   M e e t
P i n t e r e s t
F a c e b o o k