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A day.  Any day.  Will you remember? I capture what is.  Not necessarily what you wish it is, but really and truly what is.  I don’t want to capture your pretend version of life.  I want to capture your REAL life.  In fact, many of you will NEVER do a session like this because you will want to wait until everything is PERFECT.  Guess what?  Perfect is NOW.

I have been shooting this family since Elena was a few weeks old.  In fact, her very first session was my very first session with a teeny tiny baby.  I did not have a clue what I was doing and for the most part it was one of my less than stellar moments as a photographer.  I can’t thank Danny and Melissa enough for sticking with me through all the growing pains of a new photographer.  They are probably my most favorite people to shoot because what you see is what you get.  They are real.  Their house is something Mel always apologizes to me about and I laugh because I get it.  She gets it.  It’s not about the perfectly tidy house.  It’s about the pink robe.

I arrive early.  Ideally I like to catch the kids waking up.  I do have a family myself so sometimes, we have to improvise and do two days in the life and combine them into one day in the life.  On this particular day, I arrived later than I like as I had to drop Jay off at school and I hit a bit of traffic. So we did have to combine two days.  For this session, we wanted to capture the girls morning routine, preschool drop off, lunch, a visit from a friend, and sisters at play and sometimes, sisters at odds.  This session is wonderfully real and true to life as it was on this particular day or two.  What do we do with these pictures?  For Mel, I will create a storybook.  Something they will treasure for many years to come.  I only share a bit.  If you think you would like a Day in the Life Session, please contact my assistant Cassie at I can’t wait to tell your story. The perfect time is NOW.




Good Morning!




The Pink Robe. Kids notice EVERYTHING! Elena was concerned about the whereabouts of Mel’s purple robe. Mel typically wears her purple robe but it was being washed. I think Elena will always remember Mel wearing her purple robe. Mel says it’s longer softer and frumpier. Yep! That’s the one they will remember!


It’s the ordinary, everyday stuff that I love to capture. The little things that show their personality and life as it was…




Getting ready for school.





Breakfast. Emma doesn’t like to sit right now. She will someday.




Everybody needs a timeout!




I know Mel will remember the special in the ordinary.  She is such a great Mom. I have loved watching her grow as a Mother over the years.






Baby It’s Cold Outside!




The Preschool Drop-Off




The details…it’s all about the details in capturing a Day in the Life. This pretty much says everything that could possibly be said about the importance placed on play at Elena’s preschool.




A Good Read




Waiting for Elena, something a little sister does a lot of, until it is her time…



Up to the playroom they go. In years to come it will be fun to look back on how tiny Emma was compared to the banister/railings  she is NOT holding as she follows Elena. I wonder if Elena knows how much her little sister looks up to her and the example she must provide. If she doesn’t yet, she will sooner than later. (Says one Big Sister)



The Play Room…




Measuring time…



Mom in the kitchen. Dad at the desk. Could the title of this book be more funny? I think not!


ahhhh….sisters. I have watched Elena’s “hugs” which at first I thought just might cause harm to sweet little Emma, actually become true “hugs.”


Sometimes, the shots are not perfect, photographically speaking, but must be shared to tell the story. How classic is this? Sharing an Oreo with your Mom! Actually, I think this was not a sharing experience rather a thank you for giving me a cookie experience.




Emma is so sweet. She is making sure her baby is fed.




Uh oh!





















…and they are living happily ever after on a daily basis!



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