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I had the pleasure of shooting Em’s Hospital Session the day she was born and we’ve had a few sessions since then. Documenting these two little ones as they grow and change with each session is such a privilege.  El is talking now.  It is so fun to hear her chatter away and make sense of  the world around her.  She has adapted quite well to the role of Big Sister and I think it is safe to say, she is doing a fine job under the watchful eyes of  Mom and Dad, Mel and Danny.  Sisters.  Ahhh…so cute! I thought is would be fun to see both of these little Merbabies side by side.  How cute is this????


Love this side by side comparison of these two. Em is on the left and El is on the right.


Oh my! Em, following in her sister’s fin quite well! I just love these Schmeing Merbabies!


I loved watching El point out her family in pictures at the studio.


This kid talks. A lot. It is such a joy to hear her chatter away.


You are looking at a future Fire Chief! Love this sweet shot of El.


El makes being 2 look like it is so much fun!

162163 DSC_5707-Edit

During a session, changing clothes is something we do. Em doesn’t seem to mind.




Robin Buop stopped by the studio in need of an elf photographer.  Hmmmm…now that is something I have never done!  Until NOW!!!! Adorable!  Robin put her skills as a Wedding/Event planner to good use for this fun way of celebrating the season with her staff. She created The Amazing Elf Race for her employees.   Robin Buop is the owner of  Inspired Floral Design.  Visit inspired to see the amazing work of these adorable little elves!  From the looks of it, these elves are very, very talented!!! So glad they could take a break and enjoy a holiday celebration together.  Thanks for stopping by Kim Kruer Photography!!!! Put a good word in to Santa for me, Please! xxoo




So. They arrived at the studio…two different groups at different times… not really knowing what the plan was. I’ll say, after they opened their festive gift bags filled with their Elf attire, dropped off earlier in the day by their head elf,
Robin… they caught on rather quickly!




Uh oh! Could it be that these elves did not finish their work on time?????



This is definitely what naughty elves look like…


It sure didn’t take them long to feel comfortable and relaxed! Love this!


Santa seekers…


…and this was their first stop! Oh my!


Mother/Daughter Elves!


Such a cute elf!!!!!!!!!!!!


Another cutie!!!!!!!!


Very, very naughty elves!!!!!


What do you mean we didn’t meet our deadline????



Flexible Elf…


The Boy Elf.


Such a pretty elf…


So much fun!!!!


Naughty elf?????

DSC_3582-Edit DSC_3598-Edit

  • Debbie Robbins - December 17, 2013 - 8:45 pm

    Awesome!!! Such a great experience!
    You are so dynamic and talented. I highly reccommend you!

I am  happy to have met Agnes and I so enjoyed our first session.  Since it is bitter cold outside, Agnes opted to do two senior sessions rather than just one.  So, we spent a Sunday afternoon capturing Agnes in the bitter cold of Montgomery for a few shots and shot the rest in my cozy studio.  We plan a trip to Findlay Market to finish her pictures in the early spring.  Agnes is adorable.   She is such a poised, energetic person.  I found it interesting that Agnes tutors spanish speaking kids after school.  A career in linguistics is in her future.  She has not decided where she will go to college, yet, but I am sure success is in her future.   DSC_3367-Edit DSC_3369-Edit DSC_3400-Edit DSC_3428-Edit DSC_3338-Edit-Edit

Brady is probably my absolute favorite little boy to photograph. I have a file on my computer created especially for his images…I call it, “the most adorable little boy in the world.”   I have been photographing Brady since his first few weeks of life and each and every session is amazing.  We became fast friends and I just love his inquisitive nature.  Lucky I do not have a chandelier in the studio!  Sessions are always relaxed as we try to catch Brady being Brady.

Thank you so much for sharing this adorable child with me!  Enjoy!


Oh!  I thought I would share a favorite of Brady from Christmas 2012…Isn’t he beautiful?




Brady! Christmas 2012 What a difference a year makes!



This window is what made me fall in love with my new studio space. I pictured shots like this in my mind…Love it. Brady and his Mom are adorable. 
Such a sweet moment. Don’t you think?


Brady and Ella…Cousins!



How cute is this little guy?

How cute is this little guy? Brady sat still for this shot for maybe…five seconds? Love it!



Learning to share!


I spy Nana! Oh my! It is such a joy to see the amazing relationship between these two. Brady is one LOVED child! xxoo


Kisses from Nana…


More kisses from Nana…did I say this kid is LOVED?


Through the window with Brady. Oh my!


What is outside? Nana being silly, for sure!


Nana asked me to shoot Brady going down the steps. I was skeptical
as I was so worried about the steepness. It appears Brady slides down full speed at home! Luckily he was a bit more cautious at the studio. How many of you have a shot just like this? Very vintage feel…FYI Nana was just around the corner!  🙂



A Mama and her boy…such cute toes! xxoo

FINALLY!  A shot that expresses my LOVE of my Christmas Lollies!  Perfection!

FINALLY! A shot that expresses my LOVE for my Christmas Lollies! Perfection!

  • Shelly perry - December 10, 2013 - 8:06 pm

    Oh my goodness Kim. These are wonderful. I love how you are able to catch Brady just being Brady. Those expressions and his personality that we see in your pictures are the things we hold closest to our hearts. The memories are priceless. It’s funny to sit and look at those pictures and remember all of those special moments from last night. We are truly blessed to have such a dear friend that is am amazing photographer. All though we met the photographer first. Funny how things work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are loved greatly.

  • Buffiv - December 10, 2013 - 8:57 pm

    You do an amazing job! Your pics are wonderful and I love your work! And, who could ever argue that Brady is absolutely adorable!! Love them!!

I have been shooting  El…aka Baby E,  since she was just a few weeks old.  Em joined the family and life will never be the same for this adorable family. They are truly  blessed.  It is always such a pleasure to spend time with Dan and Mel.  El is two and was in perpetual motion the entire session.  She loved looking out the studio window in search for her latest obsession…firetrucks.  I love it!  Em is the most content baby I have ever seen, so happy!  I am always amazed at the results of these sessions.  We hang out, we chat, we have fun.  Not a lot of posing going on because  that is just not at all El’s style.  She is a girl on a mission!  We have to catch her being a kid.  I like that.  We had a very special visitor today and it was so much fun.  Em is too young to be alarmed, and El, well she was fine as long as Santa kept his distance.   Merry Christmas to this special family. If you are interested in a family session, please contact me.

Such a sweet shot El sharing the love with Dan and Em.

Such a sweet shot of El sharing the love with Dan and Em.


Probably one of my favorite ALL TIME shots EVER!!!! Love it! Waiting for Santa.


A Visit From Santa…Wonder what he was saying to El?  Naughty or Nice?


Dan with Em.


El’s new boots. These boots were made for walking…and running!



Oh my! El is such a beautiful child. She is talking so much and is such a delight!


El loved looking out the studio window. She counted cars…1, 2, 3, 5…she looked for firetrucks. I wanted to capture shots just like this…it was my lucky day!


Santa’s little elf, Em.


Last year I had the pleasure of shooting Sally and adorable Harper.  This year, all of Sally’s Grandchildren were able to join in the fun!  It was a lively session with lots of action.  It is my hope with each session to capture kids just being kids. It was so much fun to see how much Harper has grown over the past year.  Last year she was new walker and today…well, let’s just say she keeps up with her cousins, just fine!


2 year old Harper…all she NEEDS for Christmas is a FisherPrice Camera and she is set to go!

Lolly Love!!!!

Such a sweetie!

Nana reading to the Grands!

Brother and Sister!

Such a sweetheart!

  • Sally Muehlenkamp - December 1, 2013 - 3:38 pm

    Loved every minute! Thanks Kim!

Oh my goodness!  It does not get any sweeter than this!  Just shy of being ten days old, Fiona was a joy to capture with first time parents, Cathryn and Will.  Adorable.  Cathryn received a KimKruerPhotography gift certificate from my high school friend, Beth.  Beth and I reconnected on Facebook after many years and we both share a passion for photography.  I am lucky I live closer to Cathryn and Will.:) It was such a pleasure to meet these two and their darling new daughter, Fiona.  I look forward to watching Fiona grow!  xxoo untitled-1059 untitled-1101 untitled-1129 untitled-1187 untitled-1121

  • Claire Mayers - November 25, 2013 - 3:28 pm

    I am Fiona’s maternal grandmother and these first photographs are such a delight to see. Beautiful!

  • Beth - November 25, 2013 - 6:30 pm

    I am in LOVE with this sweet baby and her family. Your images capture this perfect little person and her beautiful adoring parents. What JOY. That black and white family shot is TIMELESS. And those pink toes on the baby scale… oh my! Babies are only this tiny and new once. I am so happy you could freeze time for them and the extended family. Thanks, friend, YOU ROCK!!!

  • JOANN GRETLER - December 4, 2013 - 8:51 pm

    What a beautiful sweet baby girl. The photos are delightful and so much fun to see.

Documenting the birth of a new baby is something I have had on my professional bucket list for some time. I am happy to say, I can cross that off my list, only to add it to my MUST DO OFTEN LIST! It was incredible. This was my very first hospital session and I must say, I absolutely LOVED capturing such an intimate and very special moment in the lives of the Schmeing Family. I have been following Baby E, Elena since she was just a few weeks old. Now, she is a big sister at 21 months, welcoming Emma Renee. I created a slide show for the family to share with family and friends which will remain private. Here is a peek of the storytelling session. If you are not sure what a storytelling session is, please check my blog archives. Storytelling sessions are my absolute favorite sessions. It’s a way to capture life behind the scenes as it REALLY is/was and a priceless way to pass on the story in the years to come. Obviously, it is an on location shoot, the choice of color or black and white is the discretion of the photographer. Storytelling sessions come with the option of a book, a slideshow, and or prints. This is a very intimate, lovely genre of what I do, and I would love to share it with you! Oh! BTW, when I was waiting at the Hospital for Danny and Mel to arrive, someone asked me if I was there to shoot celebrities. My response was, “Of course!” You see, ALL of my clients are celebrities!

Arriving at the Hospital…the Big Day is finally here!

Checking in…LOVE this picture! Mel is an adorable Mama!
I wanted to make sure I captured just how ready she was to deliver!

Love this shot of Mel’s Family coming right around the corner on Birthday! So cute!

Mel’s Grandfather taking a first look…

Oh my! Elena aka…Baby E checking out her new baby sister!

Mel’s parents meet Emma for the first time. Love their expressions!

How lucky am I? I LOVE what I do!!!!

How sweet is this? Danny’s Mom holding Emma.

A first visit from the Baby Doc.

Oops! This shot is out of order. This is Mel, right before delivery. Isn’t she lovely?

I think E likes her…

A picture really is worth a 1000 words, isn’t it?

Telling the story…love seeing Mel’s Grandfather in the background of this shot. Not a perfectly exposed picture, but it is so much of the story.
A keeper, for sure…




One of my absolute favorite shots of the day. Look at Danny. So excited and happy. Mel’s Mom and E look on, Mel’s dad is busy messaging the news of Emma’s arrival.
Great storytelling shot, if I do say so, myself.




When I captured this shot, I could do nothing but smile. For the past 21 months I have struggled with the expressions of E and here we go again! Another adorable face… full of lots of expressions, I am sure!
How adorable is this new little darling?

When I saw this, I was amazed by how alert and wide eyed this new little person was just about an hour after being born. Wow! How cool is this?
I LOVE her sweet little pink face and that hair…all that hair!

Storytelling at it’s best, in my opinion. Meeting Baby Emma. Can you feel the LOVE?

Oh my. I can just see the adventure filled days for these two little girls.
E just has to be patient for Emma to catch up. It won’t be long…
Poor Danny and Mel…lol! Life will never be the same. In a good way.
A very good way. Two girls. Oh my!

I shared this picture on Facebook. Of course! A typical reaction to any girl at the thought of being weighed publicly, on Facebook, no less. A sign of the times…

Sleeping Emma

I would LOVE to know what E is thinking at this very moment…wouldn’t you?

This is Emma while being held by Danny’s Mom. So sweet. She is really checking her out, isn’t she?

Another great storytelling shot. In the hospital. Danny’s Dad is holding Emma. Danny’s Mom and Danny in the background.
I could have zoomed in on Danny’s Dad and Emma, but it’s the story I want, here.

Danny’s Dad holding Emma. HIs hands. Her yawn. LOVE.

Being a family photographer gives me the opportunity to really get to know my clients and share in the special moments in their lives.
It has been such a pleasure getting to know these two and such an honor to document Emma’s Birth.



I just got back from shooting my very best friend’s father. I’d say it was a story telling session of sorts. Oh my.  He was more than prepared.  I loved it.  I arrived at the door to a gentleman wearing a fancy suit complete with an ascot sporting a rather adorable straw hat trimmed in a ribbon.  He looked like he had just stepped off the set of Downton Abbey.  I wonder who helped him dress for dinner? It was apparent from the very beginning that this was someone who had thought about the session, carefully planned his attire and props and  knew exactly what he wanted.  It was just precious.  His excitement was quite obvious and I think it truly shows in the images captured.  Living on a beautiful farm just outside of Shepherdsville, Kentucky, the setting lent itself beautifully with our end goal in mind.  You see, Mr. G has one amazing hat collection.  He asked me to capture this collection in a very unique way.  He dressed in clothing that would compliment each and every hat he has collected over the years of his life.  We ventured around the farm and shot in fields of high grass, on old farm machinery, in clearings with the sun just perfectly hitting Mr. G’s face, as well as in the library, against the most beautiful dining room wall paper I have ever seen, and many other spots that suited him.

Each and every shot is a portrait in and of itself.  Yes, it was very time consuming.  Yes, it was painstakingly detailed. More importantly, it is a bit of  a legacy that his family will be able to cherish for the many years to come.  My suggestion to Mr. G is to create a book.  I want to entitle the book, Hats off  to Mr. G..  Actually, it will read his full name, but for his privacy, I am using Mr. G.. Can’t wait to shoot the cover.  Imagine,  an open field or grass,  trees lining the backdrop, and of course sky, a beautiful blue sky… and Mr. G. tossing his many many hats up into the air.  We will need a little help with that, but it will happen.  We got through half of his collection in the four and a half hours I shot, I plan to return for one more day of shooting. Here are just a few shots from our session.  I encourage everyone to think about planning a session close to your heart.   It can be very special.  As it should be. xxoo



*For outside shooting, we want a place with shade.  I can not say that enough and most people think the best days to shoot are the sunny days. In fact, clients often call worried that it is not sunny enough for our session.  Blue sky , big white clouds in the sky,  sunny days with lots of shade available to us, is perfect. But a sunny day with no shade… is not good. So, for shooting outside, unless shade is available, early evening is best. Just before the sun goes down.
*We will have to shoot around the youngest member of the family as they have little control over their behavior:) Be thinking about when your child is well rested, and happiest. We don’t want to pick a time when he is typically napping…and he should be well fed prior to the session. We take lots of breaks with little ones, so don’t worry if he is crabby at some point during the session, they ALL are. I love capturing at least one crabby picture!
*Clothing should be simple with NO logos or writing. That means I prefer nothing branded.  Try to stay away from trendy watermarked clothing screaming diva or princess or jock or goofball 🙂 Solids are best. For adults, sleeves for both women and men,and collars for men are most desirable. Multiple changes of clothes are perfectly fine, but one set of clothing is just fine, too. Be sure clothing is in good repair.  Do not depend on me to perform magical photoshop repairs that should have been done prior to the session in your sewing or laundry room.
*I love to get barefoot shots of the entire family. Just count on it.  I do it EVERY time without fail.  This just might be a good time for a mani and pedi. Fingernails, if painted should be chip free. I prefer a neutral color of polish if you insist on polish.  Nothing wild and loud.
*Prop suggestions…a favorite quilt, stuffed animal, wagon, rocking horse, etc,..anything that is special. If you can’t think of anything, no worries, I have a slew of them at the studio. I always provide a few here and there as needed.
*A session generally lasts about 2 hours and before your husband groans…it goes by rather quickly and it can be lots of fun. Please do not bribe your children into being good. We want authentic smiles and if they feel like they are about to embark on an experience that they are bribed into good behavior, we will get THAT expression in almost every shot. It is my goal for them to just have fun with it, interact as they do on a regular basis and hope to capture amazing treasures for you to enjoy in the years to come.


Yesterday was such an amazing day.  I shot the cutest newborn and “big” sister on location in their home outside of  Louisville.  I love seeing relationships at beginning stages.  Anyone having a toddler and a newborn knows only too well the constant challenge of keeping baby safe from all the “love” the toddler has to share.  If they don’t know, they learn very quickly.I LOVED seeing 18 month Abigail practicing such amazing self control when it came to sharing her “love” with her newborn baby sister.  She would literally shake with excitement, as she tried so hard to be soft.  It was precious.  I am quite sure these two will be fast friends and their future together will be full of such fun and endless adventures.

This is the picture of Abigail “shaking” with excitement…that might explain why it is not as sharp as I’d like:)

Already “sharing” her sister’s clothing…

Baby Liliana Elise loves to be swaddled.

One more kiss…

One more lick!

  • Tara Brown - June 4, 2013 - 4:02 pm

    We just saw the slide show. Made me cry. Thank you so much for capturing these precious moments. The body part collage is a cute idea. I can’t wait to see them all. It is going to be tough to choose. They are just gorgeous!!

  • Shawna Wathen - June 13, 2013 - 11:50 pm

    I love these!!! Such dolls! I have not got to meet sweet Lily yet but Abigail stole my heart a long time ago. And Tara is as beautiful as ever. Thanks so much for sharing!

I first met Emmie when she was just a few weeks old.  She has really grown the past six months.  I love shooting newborns before they are two weeks old and prefer to wait to shoot them again at around six months.  I find the three month sessions to be very challenging as most babies are pretty much stuck at the three month mark.  They just don’t seem to enjoy the session.  It’s a whole different story once they are six months old.  They are typically sitting quite well, some are trying to stand with assistance, their overall disposition is pretty predictable…they are either happy or miserable and have a wonderful way of letting us know that ENOUGH is ENOUGH.  AND…they are totally IN LOVE with their parents and the feeling is quite mutual.  I love these sessions.  I am so excited to share my new way of sharing a session.  Enjoy!

So what does a photographer do at a Wedding, besides photograph all the fabulousness of the Bride and Groom’s special day?… Grab a VERY pregnant woman and photograph this adorable Mamma and Daddy expecting their second baby! How could I resist? 

Baby Liliana Elise arrived May 19, 2013. Congratulations!

Sessions in the studio are always an option.  Sessions at a nearby park are always an option. But.  It’s always an option to have a session at  places that are more near and dear to your heart. I love to plan a session that will highlight a day in your life. The regular routines of your day. Your normal. Your now.  Your present perfect.  I call these sessions Storytelling.  I know life isn’t always as perfect as we would like.  Our homes are not always as tidy as we  would like. Children are not always picture perfect.  We are not always picture perfect.  But.  If you wait until the perfect moment, it might NEVER, EVER happen.  Perfect is NOW. NOW…is all we really have.

Sure.  I can give you what you think is perfect. But. I’d rather give you NOW.  P.S. This example is PERFECT 🙂 Xx00

  • Beth - April 10, 2013 - 11:19 pm

    Kim, I LOVE what you do!! These really are perfect images for families to treasure that are timeless and REAL!



Senior shoots are bittersweet.  Oh my.  I just love these shots of beautiful Maggie.  I think each shot captures a bit of her unique personality. We met at my studio in Covington and did some in studio shooting and then ventured outside even though it was a bit chilly.  Congratulations to Maggie and best wishes for a bright future.  I am sure it will be amazing! xxoo

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