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After shooting a mini princess and the pea shot for Mel’s newly born niece, Kylie, Mel wanted a session for her two little princesses. To create a safe place for photographing these two very active princesses was very challenging. I knew I wanted a whimsical look with bright colors.  And.  Of course, a crown of sorts.  Emma made a flowered headband her crown, and Elena switched it up a bit mid-session. At one point in the session, Mel and I both wore crowns.  It truly is fun to be a princess.  Our pea, disappeared after Elena’s session, as she is affectionately called Sweet Pea.  I had borrowed the peas for a while so she was happy to have them back. Not every picture will highlight the whimsical bright colors.  In fact, maybe one or two will be something worthy of a photograph.  But, the picture within the picture, stolen moments of childhood, those will be placed carefully in the family photo album.  Another  wonderfully fun session in the studio with two of my favorite clients.  I love their spirit which ultimately creates some very real shots to be treasured in the years to come.


It became necessary to encourage imaginary play pretty early into the session. It appears Elena really put some thought into it… and it was at this point, the Meyer’s Clean Day Lavender Scent Muti-Surface Everyday Cleaner appeared!  ABRACADABRA…and there is was!




Having mom close by just in case, Emma decides to move a bit too close to the edge, makes my job much easier.


A game of peek-a-boo behind the curtain was a great way to get some nice genuine smiles from Princess Elena.


I always LOVE the serious shots of Elena. I have to be quick, though, because she is full of energy and enthusiasm, it has become harder and harder to capture these types of shots. This princess is growing up.


Such a sweet shot! A quiet moment captured in the life of this sweet little girl.


A picture within a picture. Something I like to do with almost all of my sessions. Creating a fun session helps children relax and have fun, but also creates moments of pure joy for me as a photographer. I love capturing shots like this. A child. Plain and simple. A beautiful child.



Oh my goodness! Does it get any better than this? I love her posture. She is so adorable. Already has a mind of her own. She turned the flowered headband into her Princess Crown. And she means business. There was absolutely NO messing with her, today. She comes into the studio, asks for her babies, she knows what she wants and that is that.


Mel wears the crown to get these two princesses in the spirit!


Another picture within a picture. Love this shot of Elena.



Oh NO!  Where is the Pea????? One of my favorite shots of Princess Emma today.


Emma does not give those smiles without the help of her encouraging parents.   Sometimes the shot is not just of the child I am photographing, but the parents behind the scenes lovingly cheering them on… A game of peek-a-boo does the trick again.


Being a Princess is hard work. It’s time for a nap…



Elena’s Favorite Princess… Rapunzel

Emma’s Favorite Princess…Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Mel’s Favorite Princess…Belle

Danny’s Favorite Princess…actually, Danny has two.  Elena and Emma



A new baby girl. I had the pleasure of meeting Madeleine when her husband, Mike was deployed. They got married. They had a baby. Annabelle is a beautiful baby. Ten days old today. The perfect time to photograph a newborn. Hope to see her again once she is six months old. It is so much fun to watch babies grow and change. xxoo

DSC_2479-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit copy

I love measuring the growth milestones of a child in silly ways. One way is to shoot your child using the exact same prop (this amazing sofa at my studio) to show just how much they have grown over a certain period of time. I like to photograph Babies at birth, on or before they are ten days old, six months and one year. I love watching my little clients grow and change over the years.



Such a sweetheart, even after a long night last night, they still LOVE her!


Checking out her Mama…


LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot. Ten days old and so alert. Ahhhh…that wonderful time. Everything is new. Everything is just about perfect. Can’t wait to see this relationship grow.


Another favorite shot from our session. New parents. I LOVE their sense of wonder and excitement.  Treasure this time.


This shot did not really go as planned, but I absolutely LOVE it. This is how Annabelle rolls. She yawns.  She stretches.  She shows  us those adorable toes and amazing lips. Thank you, sweet baby.


At every session, I do one or two shots just for me. Funny story about this driftwood basket. I got a text from my Richie saying he thought our ebay account had been hacked. “Some IDIOT bought a bunch of twigs for $30.00!” Yep, that would be me!!! I am still learning how to pose newborns. I hope I never feel like I have it all figured out, as it is so much fun trying to master my craft. Sweet shot of an adorable newborn sleeping…for about FIVE minutes!


L e t ' s   M e e t
P i n t e r e s t
F a c e b o o k