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Robin Buop stopped by the studio in need of an elf photographer.  Hmmmm…now that is something I have never done!  Until NOW!!!! Adorable!  Robin put her skills as a Wedding/Event planner to good use for this fun way of celebrating the season with her staff. She created The Amazing Elf Race for her employees.   Robin Buop is the owner of  Inspired Floral Design.  Visit inspired to see the amazing work of these adorable little elves!  From the looks of it, these elves are very, very talented!!! So glad they could take a break and enjoy a holiday celebration together.  Thanks for stopping by Kim Kruer Photography!!!! Put a good word in to Santa for me, Please! xxoo




So. They arrived at the studio…two different groups at different times… not really knowing what the plan was. I’ll say, after they opened their festive gift bags filled with their Elf attire, dropped off earlier in the day by their head elf,
Robin… they caught on rather quickly!




Uh oh! Could it be that these elves did not finish their work on time?????



This is definitely what naughty elves look like…


It sure didn’t take them long to feel comfortable and relaxed! Love this!


Santa seekers…


…and this was their first stop! Oh my!


Mother/Daughter Elves!


Such a cute elf!!!!!!!!!!!!


Another cutie!!!!!!!!


Very, very naughty elves!!!!!


What do you mean we didn’t meet our deadline????



Flexible Elf…


The Boy Elf.


Such a pretty elf…


So much fun!!!!


Naughty elf?????

DSC_3582-Edit DSC_3598-Edit

I am  happy to have met Agnes and I so enjoyed our first session.  Since it is bitter cold outside, Agnes opted to do two senior sessions rather than just one.  So, we spent a Sunday afternoon capturing Agnes in the bitter cold of Montgomery for a few shots and shot the rest in my cozy studio.  We plan a trip to Findlay Market to finish her pictures in the early spring.  Agnes is adorable.   She is such a poised, energetic person.  I found it interesting that Agnes tutors spanish speaking kids after school.  A career in linguistics is in her future.  She has not decided where she will go to college, yet, but I am sure success is in her future.   DSC_3367-Edit DSC_3369-Edit DSC_3400-Edit DSC_3428-Edit DSC_3338-Edit-Edit

Brady is probably my absolute favorite little boy to photograph. I have a file on my computer created especially for his images…I call it, “the most adorable little boy in the world.”   I have been photographing Brady since his first few weeks of life and each and every session is amazing.  We became fast friends and I just love his inquisitive nature.  Lucky I do not have a chandelier in the studio!  Sessions are always relaxed as we try to catch Brady being Brady.

Thank you so much for sharing this adorable child with me!  Enjoy!


Oh!  I thought I would share a favorite of Brady from Christmas 2012…Isn’t he beautiful?




Brady! Christmas 2012 What a difference a year makes!



This window is what made me fall in love with my new studio space. I pictured shots like this in my mind…Love it. Brady and his Mom are adorable. 
Such a sweet moment. Don’t you think?


Brady and Ella…Cousins!



How cute is this little guy?

How cute is this little guy? Brady sat still for this shot for maybe…five seconds? Love it!



Learning to share!


I spy Nana! Oh my! It is such a joy to see the amazing relationship between these two. Brady is one LOVED child! xxoo


Kisses from Nana…


More kisses from Nana…did I say this kid is LOVED?


Through the window with Brady. Oh my!


What is outside? Nana being silly, for sure!


Nana asked me to shoot Brady going down the steps. I was skeptical
as I was so worried about the steepness. It appears Brady slides down full speed at home! Luckily he was a bit more cautious at the studio. How many of you have a shot just like this? Very vintage feel…FYI Nana was just around the corner!  🙂



A Mama and her boy…such cute toes! xxoo

FINALLY!  A shot that expresses my LOVE of my Christmas Lollies!  Perfection!

FINALLY! A shot that expresses my LOVE for my Christmas Lollies! Perfection!

I have been shooting  El…aka Baby E,  since she was just a few weeks old.  Em joined the family and life will never be the same for this adorable family. They are truly  blessed.  It is always such a pleasure to spend time with Dan and Mel.  El is two and was in perpetual motion the entire session.  She loved looking out the studio window in search for her latest obsession…firetrucks.  I love it!  Em is the most content baby I have ever seen, so happy!  I am always amazed at the results of these sessions.  We hang out, we chat, we have fun.  Not a lot of posing going on because  that is just not at all El’s style.  She is a girl on a mission!  We have to catch her being a kid.  I like that.  We had a very special visitor today and it was so much fun.  Em is too young to be alarmed, and El, well she was fine as long as Santa kept his distance.   Merry Christmas to this special family. If you are interested in a family session, please contact me.

Such a sweet shot El sharing the love with Dan and Em.

Such a sweet shot of El sharing the love with Dan and Em.


Probably one of my favorite ALL TIME shots EVER!!!! Love it! Waiting for Santa.


A Visit From Santa…Wonder what he was saying to El?  Naughty or Nice?


Dan with Em.


El’s new boots. These boots were made for walking…and running!



Oh my! El is such a beautiful child. She is talking so much and is such a delight!


El loved looking out the studio window. She counted cars…1, 2, 3, 5…she looked for firetrucks. I wanted to capture shots just like this…it was my lucky day!


Santa’s little elf, Em.

L e t ' s   M e e t
P i n t e r e s t
F a c e b o o k