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Creating a keepsake photo book for clients is so much fun! For this book, I used a template for photoshop and personalized it to meet my needs. Baby Faces is a studio sample book. The possibilities are endless. Finding just the right printer was not an easy task.  It took a bit of trial and error. Luckily, I  found a few that I really like.  Quality of  product and amazing PERSONAL customer service  is essential in completing the project so that I can confidently provide this amazing service in my studio.  It’s so exciting as the  book comes to life and even more exciting to see it , and touch it when it arrives. I LOVE freezing time right before your eyes!  Capturing your  lovelies in such special moments.  Capturing  your  lovelies in the every day moments.

Why do I do this?  It has to be the oooos and ahhhs .

Oh, and the tears…I LOVE the tears. Xxoo

If you think you might like to have a photo book made for you  and your family, please contact the studio.  It is very special.  Very, very special. As it should be…

Baby E will celebrate her first birthday soon.  It has been a privilege to follow her, photographically speaking,  for the past year.  I was looking back at all of her pictures as we prepare to create a keepsake album and make final selections for wall decor  and prints. Only the best of the best, the absolute favorites will make the cut.  By best, it’s not always the most beautiful image that makes the cut.  It’s the shot that captures the true essence of E at that very moment in time. It’s the shots that we painstakingly labored over to capture.  It’s the quick shot that was stolen without anyone knowing. It’s the shot that screams you matter, you are important, I LOVE YOU!  It’s the shot that shows impatience, frustration and cries, “Change my dirty diaper, I’m hungry, I want to go HOME!”

When I saw this shot,  I was thinking…Will they remember her hair?  ALL of that lovely dark hair? Will they  remember all the milestones of her first year of life through the images we have created?   Have we captured it in a way that they will forever treasure this past year in pictures?  You see, I take my job very seriously.  It’s not about the adorable smile captured while three crazy adults try to get her to smile in that certain way she always does…  It’s about relationships. It’s not about the precious clothing carefully chosen.  It’s about LOVE.  It’s the story of  Melissa and Danny, parents for the very first time and all that encompasses.  It’s about E.  Sure three crazy adults, and adorable clothing all  play a part, and quite frankly if that didn’t happen, we might not have created such amazing, frozen in time, fabulous images that will be treasured for a lifetime.  We work together to create a authentic classic images that will stand the test of time. We capture memories,  print those memories and proudly display them on our walls.  Notice how I say, “WE?” I am not the reason the images are amazing, and fabulous.  WE are! I am just the lucky one who gets to go along for a brief moment and enjoy the ride.  And, what a ride it has been! I also know how to use very fancy pants  equipment, and have acquired  a few other necessary skills to create technically sound photographic images. How lucky I am to click the shutter at such amazing moments!

When I  thought of doing a first year shoot, I was thinking…Wow! That is a LONG time and a ton of  work.  I am happy to report it has been a ton of work. Lots of time spent in the studio with E trying to create a story representative of her first year. Lots of time selecting the very best images and editing in a way as to not invade the person she truly is at the moment.  I am sad to say it was NOT a long time.  In the blink of an eye, our children are OLD.   OLD and much wiser, they think, than their parents.  I love capturing those first  weeks,  the innocence of childhood, and the rebellion of the teenage years. I truly hope you are doing the same.  Will you remember?

Oh my!  I LOVE the RATS in my window and  the adorable little frames are an added touch!  This is an iPhone instagram shot:) I wanted to share the cuteness of the studio.  I thought it would be fun to see how many  people can send a little bit of LOVE my way by commenting on this post.  On October 31st,  I will select one lucky winner of a complimentary photo shoot and your choice of a custom made frame for a print size of your choice.  I do reserve the right to limit the size.  It can’t be the size of Texas!   Keep in mind, you get a free shoot, and a frame…you have to buy prints, but you are under no obligation.  The adorable little frames are handmade and you can order them at my Studio Holiday Open House on November 1st. Frames are customizable upon ordering. (Color, shape, etc,…) So.  Share the LOVE!  Xxoo

Maggie was my assistant and I so appreciate all of her help in the studio that day to make this a very successful experience for everyone.  I shot in natural window light coming in from the front window of my studio.  This will probably be one of my last shoots in the front room of the studio as I have ordered continuous lighting which is the most like natural window lighting available at this time.  I must say, I am excited to avoid all the furniture moving involved with shooting in the front room and the extra shoot space will be so nice.  I prefer to shoot more storytelling style than anything, and I always find it funny how new mamas resist being in the pictures.  They say they don’t look good, they just had a baby, they want to wait a little while longer…  I don’t think they realize how good they look.  I don’t think they realize that this is probably the absolute BEST they will look.  The Joy of Parenthood.  From this moment on…the lines of LOVE and WORRY show up in all of our faces soon enough.

Abbi was the exception to the above scenario.  She seemed to understand the importance of documenting these first precious days of becoming a mama for the very first time.  Any hesitation was calmed by her mother, Shelly.  Three generations.  Right before our eyes.  Wow.  How blessed they are and fortunate and blessed I am to be a part of documenting such a special moment in their lives.

Baby B was almost two weeks old when his Mama Abbi and Nana Shelly brought him into the studio.  He was amazingly alert during his awake times and slept like a sleeping baby should during the sleepy times.  Maggie did an incredible job posing B. We worked together, all of us to make sure we got just what it was we were trying to get.  We got it, I think.  It was an amazing. experience.  Such an intimate time captured for a lifetime.  L O V E.  

Oh My!  I can’t recommend a session more than a storytelling session!!!

What exactly is a storytelling session and WHY?

As a child, I remember visiting my grandparents home on Sunday afternoons  for a traditional Italian meal where we all gathered around the dining room table and we shared a meal and so much more.  I would give anything to have a visual reminder of that very special time in my childhood.  The porch…where I often sat chatting with my grandfather,  his smile, his laugh, his hands, a piece of juicy fruit he shared from his pocket, the wisdom of his words.  The backyard swing… where I spent hours flying high into the sky while my Grandfather tended his tomato plants. The “powder room,”   The Meal…steaming hot homemade spaghetti sauce with rigatoni noodles and little handmade meatballs and sausages topped with freshly grated cheeses.  Fresh bright red homegrown  tomatoes,( just picked, usually by one of us lucky grandchildren) in a tossed salad, my grandmother’s amazingly soft,  meticulously manicured fingers and hands, so tiny for a grown women. The smell of  freshly baked Italian Bread hot from the oven.  The crisp starched linen napkins, the delicate china, the laughter and stories we shared, the glances and expressions on our faces.  The bubbles in the sink, hand dish washing with my grandmother,  I could go on and on… That is what a storytelling session is all about.  It is capturing the details of our lives. It is capturing the relationships and interaction with each other. It is capturing the L O V E.  It might be a day in the life type of story, or a special occasion.  those things we hold dear in our heart that we never want to forget, the way it really was…that is my WHY!

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