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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Kim Kruer Photography Studio is officially open for business in the new studio!  I have my Business Credentials all in order, the studio is ready and if I may say so myself, a fabulous place to welcome clients  and shoot all sorts of wonderfulness. Saturday March 11th was Open House and   it was a great turn out!   Lots of past, present and future clients, camera club members, friends and family showed up to celebrate!  A few snacks and drinks, props and lots of support made the Open House a big success! 

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Oh My!  I loved spending time with Madison in the studio today!  Lots of fun, a bit of bubbles and I have an amazing little apprentice! Who could ask for anything more?

My favorite four year old!

Apprentice in training!

A bit of bubbles...

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It was great having most of  family home for the Christmas Holiday this year.  Lots of merrymaking at our house. All that merrymaking came to a very abrupt halt when the reality of Kathleen and Charlie’s Wedding Celebration, which was to take place at our home, no less,  came to light.  You see, I am not a persnickety  housekeeper.  Never have been, never will be…or so I thought.  Some things you just must accept about yourself and move on.  This is one thing I very gladly accept and I have definitely moved on.  However, when it comes to hosting a rather large lovely event in our home, I suddenly became the persnickety housekeeper from a place no one in their right mind would ever want to adventure.  So, for one month, I took on that role and accomplished nothing short of  miracles with lots of help from the entire family and a few friends.  The celebration was lovely and I survived!  While Wedding Celebration preparations were going on, I was also in the process of moving my studio from the safe, unseen, not at all visible third floor of the Passionate Arts Center to the quite visible first floor store front studio space in desperate need of a total transformation.  What does one do when planning a lovely Wedding Celebration while moving their studio space…find someone to make my vision a reality with as little help from me as possible.  I found that person in Joe Weyer.  This man is a GOD! (Sorry, Kim.)  He tolerated my indecisiveness, lack of confidence and STUFF, lots of STUFF (everything had to be moved from the third floor during the transformation) quite well and we are actually still speaking.  I am demanding and a perfectionist.  Anyway, I can’t thank Joe enough and will forever be grateful. 

The Bridal Cake Cart/ Studio Beverage Cart

The Bench. I will be blogging about this bench which was handmade by very talented Becky Snyder.

My workspace.

This adorable nook is slanted and is now home to my little snack area.

So, I can't figure this machine out at all. I have had it for over a year and just realized I can use those adorable little Keurig K Cups! UGH!!!!!

The single serve brewing system from HELL!

Actually, just today, my husband figured it out!  I enjoyed my first cup of hot chocolate:)

My Computer Station is just outside the work space for easy camera tethering. See those adorable chairs at the table? I use those in shoots and for social gatherings. The table top and desk were refinished by Becky Snyder after many years of use in my home craft room.

A peak at one of the shoot spaces.

I love having my own bathroom in this studio.

This cabinet is a great backdrop in natural light pictures. It is handmade by Becky Snyder.

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