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Monthly Archives: November 2011


So thankful today, hope you are, too!  Happy Thanksgiving!  Our Thanksgiving Holiday Adventure began on Tuesday afternoon as we loaded the car and headed to Norfolk, Virginia.  Charlie, (my NEW son-in-law) is stationed in Norfolk.  He is a Navy Man.  We are reminded daily of the sacrifices he and many, many others make in our armed forces to serve and protect our rights to freedom.  We decided several months ago that it would be wonderful to visit Charlie for Thanksgiving.  So, Jay and Kathleen (Charlie’s wife, my daughter) and I drove while my husband flew in on Thanksgiving Day.  I LOVE road trips.  Actually, I LOVE road trips with like-minded road trip people.  To enjoy a road trip with me, it must be all about the journey and NOT the destination.  My holiday begins the minute the car leaves the driveway.  I love stopping along the way and this year it was important in the rehabilitation of my recent knee surgery, to stop and to stop frequently.  I loved it!  One problem.  We had a passenger, Jay, my youngest, 14 years old, who did not share my “it’s the journey not the destination philosophy,”  so there was major bribery going on…all they way to Virginia.  We drove 3 hours the first night, stopped at a hotel and drove the remaining distance on Wednesday.  It rained all the way to West Virginia and the minute we passed the Virginia state line, it was as if someone TURNED ON the sun and magnificent white clouds …it was absolutely beautiful! I had the opportunity to shoot Kathleen and Charlie by the bay in downtown Norfolk.  My intent was to capture a shot for our family Christmas Card.  I am very happy with the shots and look forward to sharing them with Kathleen and Charlie.  Here is a sneak peak…


L e t ' s   M e e t
P i n t e r e s t
F a c e b o o k