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My hospital session includes a newborn session. The newborn session is typically before your baby is ten days old.  Lindsey and Stephen have settled into parenting newborn Ellie quite well. She eats. She sleeps. She uses quite a few diapers throughout the day and night. She cuddles. These are some of my favorites from the session. Enjoy!



Sleeping Ellie, she has this down!  …and she knows it!



So. Ellie’s Dad LOVES Ellie and Ellie’s Dad LOVES basketball. I have a feeling Ellie already knows that and she is just fine with it!


In her father’s arms…a shot I always get. I think she likes it!


Ahh…first time parents. Love their expressions here.


I have a feeling this is an expression they might see Ellie make for many years to come. It’s the “What do you mean I can’t have a puppy?” look. 


Peacefully sleeping.


A personal favorite from the session. That  dimple in her chin!

Ellie received this adorable book from Stephen’s mother, Ellie’s Grandmother.


I always try to capture all the details of a baby’s face. Actually, most of the details of their adorable little bodies. I like to create a collage for parents…it’s a wonderful keepsake.


One of the last shots of the session. Babies have a wonderful way of letting us know, that’s it! I’ve had enough. I love it when props used in an image are special keepsakes. The silver rattle was a gift from Ellie’s Grandmother, Leslie.




I have known Lindsey since she was born and when invited to a baby shower recently in honor of the birth of her first baby, I could think of nothing more fitting than to gift her with a Baby’s First Year package. I had just gotten home from shooting her sister, Kelsey’s wedding and the phone rang. Lindsey and Stephen were at the hospital. I arrived this morning. It is such a joy and honor to document this very special time. I only share my favorites. Congratulations to new parents, Lindsey and Stephen and Welcome Ellie!  xxoo





I arrive. Today, the nurses were a bit curious.


Kelsey stopped by the hospital in hopes that Lindsey might deliver before she and Craig leave for their honeymoon. I wonder if Ellie will cry like this?


Nope! This is the way Ellie cries!


The expectant parents. So cute! Ah, life will never be the same for these two. How exciting!


Family surrounds these two with love and support.


Soon to be a new mama. Oh my! I love this shot of Lindsey.




One last selfie before Ellie arrives.


These two are going to be wonderful parents!


The happy soon to be first time grandparents, Stephen’s parents.


Today is the day!


I think Stephen was getting a bit impatient.


This was the view from their hospital room. It was a beautiful Sunday on the day Ellie was born.


Soon to be first time Grandmothers, Mother-in-law and Mother taking care of Lindsey during labor. These two were so sweet and so much fun!


These two were so excited!  You can feel the LOVE.


Seeing the Ellie’s head for the first time was pure joy.


These two were Coaching Lindsey throughout the labor process…


I don’t think I have ever seen Leslie so excited.


With every birth there is always a bit of worry. Everything went perfectly, but I know two Grandmothers that were very happy and thankful when Ellie arrived.


Just after delivery, Lindsey got to meet her sweet little Ellie.


…and Leslie got to meet her sweet little Ellie, too!


A picture says a thousand words…


That special relationship between a father and daughter begins today. …as well as,  that special relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter. I can only imagine the fun Ellie will have!


I don’t think Leslie took her eyes off of Ellie for a second after her arrival. So sweet!


Just after birth. I love her already!


Probably on of my favorite shots of a birth session. For some reason, I always get the funniest faces.  Ellie did not disappoint. LOL. What they heck? Just born. Put me on a scale and then document it? Absolutely LOVE her expression.


Tamie, Ellie’s paternal grandmother is just as sweet as can be. She was so excited to meet her granddaughter.


Proud Daddy! Congratulations Stephen!


A close look after the general assessment. I’d say, she already LOVES her sweet little Ellie.


A family of three! How sweet is this?????


A First Kiss


Technology has certainly changed the way we celebrate with family that can’t be present during those special once in a life time moments. Kelsey joins in the welcoming of Ellie via FaceTime.


Happy Lindsey! Feeling blessed, I am sure.


I could do an entire series on the expressions of this new Grandmother. Let the fun begin! xxoo


The day after.  Always something I try to do after a birth session.  Their new reality is settling in and everyone is becoming more acclimated to each other.




Ellie chills in the hospital bassinet…



Grandparents. Nothing is sweeter.


Ellie is checking out her Granddad while he checks her out, too.


Day 2. I think Ellie has her parents wrapped, what do you think? I love her sweet little lips.


Feedings. Diapering. Napping. The new norm for this new family of 3!!!!


Did I mention napping?


Even more napping…


A personal favorite.


There is something quite cute about a crying baby…unless it is your crying baby, of course.


Another sweet kiss…

This happy family heads home tomorrow.  So happy to have had the opportunity to document this very special time in their lives.  I will see Ellie again at six months.  Can’t wait to see how she grows and changes.   What a blessing.  xxoo

  • Tamie Reckers - June 28, 2015 - 9:01 pm

    Fantastic pics! Love them all. Thank you so much for your time and fantastic work. The pics are spectacular. We love them all and are so excited to have this precious bundle of joy come into our lives.

  • Stephen Reckers - June 30, 2015 - 8:01 am

    Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures! These moments are something we are going to cherish for the rest of our lives and you captured them perfectly! Beautiful work!!!

  • Ellie's Mama - July 1, 2015 - 9:09 am

    Words truly can not explain how grateful we are to have had you there capturing these memories. You have a very special gift ☺️ We will cherish these moments for the rest of our lives! We love you & thank you for everything! -Lindsey & Stephen

  • Carol Hay - July 2, 2015 - 9:18 am

    Life is Good. Ellie has stolen our hearts allready just Beautiful Congratlations


Fourteen months old.  Friendly.  Talkative.  Kind.   Active.  Fearless.

Aubrey is the 2015 winner of my annual Cutest Baby Contest.

I have the pleasure of documenting a year of Aubrey’s life.

 I love watching her grow and change.

I think you will, too!




Look who arrived at the studio today. By the look on her face, I think Kim Kruer Photography was NOT her first choice for her destination.


Actually, maybe it was?


Balloons and Bubbles? What more could a girl ask for?


Aubrey is the first to play in the studio sand box. A perfect spot to capture such great shots!


Another sandbox shot. I love this serious shot of such a beautiful child.


Those thighs! Those cute little toes! She is A D O R A B L E !


I LOVE this classic shot of summer! Looks like it could have been taken many, many years ago! Timeless shot!


I thought it would be adorable to see Aubrey on the move. She is a little buster!


Stopping to see what’s happening…


A girl on a mission…




What is a summer session without an ice-cream cone?  I think she likes it.  …and it’s so cool, she shares!


A few from inside…Hiding Diva


Years from now.  I have a feeling there will be another shot of Aubrey,,,just like this one!


There is always that moment in a session when I just know that it’s time to stop. This was that moment.


…and then she left. Good bye sweet Aubrey, until next time! xxoo

Stacy and John got married in a small intimate wedding surrounded by family and close friends at Alms Park on June 6th.   It was a beautiful day.  Congratulations to Stacy and John.

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


John and Stacy


Stacy got ready at the Marriott River Center in Covington, Kentucky


The Bridal Party


“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Overlooking the Ohio River, John and Stacy said I Do.


Alms Park is a beautiful venue for a Wedding.


Congratulations Stacy and John! xxoo





One of my most favorite sessions has to be a High School Graduation family session. All of my senior packages include a 15 minute cap and gown session with the grad and the most important people in their lives. Graduation is bittersweet. Sessions are always before Graduation, never after as I think the grads look different after the actual ceremony. It is my pleasure to document this important milestone. Eric is headed to the University of Kentucky, College of Engineering where he will be in the SEAM program.  Congratulations to Eric and his family. xxoo

Please contact my assistant, Cassie at if you are interested in a senior session.  I am happy to forward digital files to your school for the yearbook.


A Senior Picture


A personal favorite…


Images can be printed in color or black and white.


It is a GREAT day to be a bluebird. Eric will graduate TODAY! Congratulations!


Love to shoot the Grad Session at a location that is special to the Grad.


Eric and his parents…


Love this shot of Eric with his family. Such a special shot documenting an important milestone.




I can only imagine the fun these three had as they were growing up together…


“What is the World Race?

The World Race is a ministry of Adventures In Missions. It is a Christian mission program that takes you to 11 countries in 11 months on a journey of service and self-discovery.

But it’s much more than just your average mission trip. On this nearly year-long trek around the world, participants gain a deeper understanding of different cultures, God’s kingdom, and their own identity.

The World Race is an experience and a catalyst that leads to life-long change and ministry.”

Hope Bowman is participating in this amazing life changing adventure of service. Hope is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University,  Class of 2014 with a degree in Social Work.  I had the pleasure of shooting Hope and childhood friend, Kristen this morning in celebration of her upcoming Bon voyage in early June.  Hope will be blogging her experiences and would love for you to follow her blog at I know I will be following Hope’s blog and praying for her 11 county, 11 month mission of service.  God speed, sweet girl!  xxoo


This is Hope.



Hope and her childhood friend. Krista. Saying goodbye.



Bon Voyage!  


Dance. I am not sure, but I bet most of us have  dance memories. I, have a few. Mine are not the most positive memories of my childhood, as I hid in the waiting area of my dance studio for months until it was discovered that I was actually enrolled in that 4:00 afternoon ballet and tap class. I bet Ruby, Laney and Franny’s experience might be a bit more positive than mine. They come from a long line of dancing women. After this session, it is very clear that these three sisters love each other, enjoy life and I have a feeling they are going to look back years from now with fond memories of their years in dance.  They are athletic, charming, and more fun than I have had in a very long time. I needed a few models to help me order some samples for an upcoming dance shoot, and they were amazing! A big thank up to Ruby, Laney and Franny, and of course a big thanks to their Mom, Joy.

So girls,  when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.  I know you will.  xxoo



So much personality! Just darling!


This shot says a lot about Laney. Spunky. Athletic. Adorable. A sweetheart.


The Smith Girls



Ruby does this with such grace and style.



I love this shot of spunky Laney. So graceful.




I bet these three have such fun each and every day. I loved watching them interact with each other. So special.




I absolutely love shots like this! Those eyes. Those dangling legs. It screams childhood to me.




I have a feeling there might be a few pictures of Joy, Laney’s Mom, that look just like this…



Such a great shot of three adorable sisters.



Ruby was so patient with me while doing the spits. It took me a bit to get it just right. I was so happy the girls had ideas, lots of ideas. They seemed to know just what to do. Typically, I am the poser or at least the idea person in a session. Not the case for this one. I wonder if spending my dance career in the waiting area has anything to do with my lack of posing ability?




Franny knew just what she wanted to do…




Not sure how they manage to look so cute upside down, but they do…



Ruby is growing up!



It’s not all work and no play during a session. Love when I capture an amazing shot while we are setting up the shot Sometimes it’s these shots that are the absolute BEST and become the SHOT!



My posing game for Franny…I count to five and with each count, she changed poses…it was a riot.





One of my favorite action shots of all time.



  DSC_4003-Edit DSC_3911-Edit

  • Justina - May 16, 2015 - 12:54 am

    Kim, these are amazing! Absolutely lovely!

  • Kathlen - May 18, 2015 - 10:39 am

    WOW!! What amazing shots! Picture perfect 🙂


After shooting a mini princess and the pea shot for Mel’s newly born niece, Kylie, Mel wanted a session for her two little princesses. To create a safe place for photographing these two very active princesses was very challenging. I knew I wanted a whimsical look with bright colors.  And.  Of course, a crown of sorts.  Emma made a flowered headband her crown, and Elena switched it up a bit mid-session. At one point in the session, Mel and I both wore crowns.  It truly is fun to be a princess.  Our pea, disappeared after Elena’s session, as she is affectionately called Sweet Pea.  I had borrowed the peas for a while so she was happy to have them back. Not every picture will highlight the whimsical bright colors.  In fact, maybe one or two will be something worthy of a photograph.  But, the picture within the picture, stolen moments of childhood, those will be placed carefully in the family photo album.  Another  wonderfully fun session in the studio with two of my favorite clients.  I love their spirit which ultimately creates some very real shots to be treasured in the years to come.


It became necessary to encourage imaginary play pretty early into the session. It appears Elena really put some thought into it… and it was at this point, the Meyer’s Clean Day Lavender Scent Muti-Surface Everyday Cleaner appeared!  ABRACADABRA…and there is was!




Having mom close by just in case, Emma decides to move a bit too close to the edge, makes my job much easier.


A game of peek-a-boo behind the curtain was a great way to get some nice genuine smiles from Princess Elena.


I always LOVE the serious shots of Elena. I have to be quick, though, because she is full of energy and enthusiasm, it has become harder and harder to capture these types of shots. This princess is growing up.


Such a sweet shot! A quiet moment captured in the life of this sweet little girl.


A picture within a picture. Something I like to do with almost all of my sessions. Creating a fun session helps children relax and have fun, but also creates moments of pure joy for me as a photographer. I love capturing shots like this. A child. Plain and simple. A beautiful child.



Oh my goodness! Does it get any better than this? I love her posture. She is so adorable. Already has a mind of her own. She turned the flowered headband into her Princess Crown. And she means business. There was absolutely NO messing with her, today. She comes into the studio, asks for her babies, she knows what she wants and that is that.


Mel wears the crown to get these two princesses in the spirit!


Another picture within a picture. Love this shot of Elena.



Oh NO!  Where is the Pea????? One of my favorite shots of Princess Emma today.


Emma does not give those smiles without the help of her encouraging parents.   Sometimes the shot is not just of the child I am photographing, but the parents behind the scenes lovingly cheering them on… A game of peek-a-boo does the trick again.


Being a Princess is hard work. It’s time for a nap…



Elena’s Favorite Princess… Rapunzel

Emma’s Favorite Princess…Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Mel’s Favorite Princess…Belle

Danny’s Favorite Princess…actually, Danny has two.  Elena and Emma


  • shelly - April 19, 2015 - 2:19 am

    This is darling. The girls are precious. They both have gotten so big. What beautiful little princesses.


A new baby girl. I had the pleasure of meeting Madeleine when her husband, Mike was deployed. They got married. They had a baby. Annabelle is a beautiful baby. Ten days old today. The perfect time to photograph a newborn. Hope to see her again once she is six months old. It is so much fun to watch babies grow and change. xxoo

DSC_2479-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit copy

I love measuring the growth milestones of a child in silly ways. One way is to shoot your child using the exact same prop (this amazing sofa at my studio) to show just how much they have grown over a certain period of time. I like to photograph Babies at birth, on or before they are ten days old, six months and one year. I love watching my little clients grow and change over the years.



Such a sweetheart, even after a long night last night, they still LOVE her!


Checking out her Mama…


LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot. Ten days old and so alert. Ahhhh…that wonderful time. Everything is new. Everything is just about perfect. Can’t wait to see this relationship grow.


Another favorite shot from our session. New parents. I LOVE their sense of wonder and excitement.  Treasure this time.


This shot did not really go as planned, but I absolutely LOVE it. This is how Annabelle rolls. She yawns.  She stretches.  She shows  us those adorable toes and amazing lips. Thank you, sweet baby.


At every session, I do one or two shots just for me. Funny story about this driftwood basket. I got a text from my Richie saying he thought our ebay account had been hacked. “Some IDIOT bought a bunch of twigs for $30.00!” Yep, that would be me!!! I am still learning how to pose newborns. I hope I never feel like I have it all figured out, as it is so much fun trying to master my craft. Sweet shot of an adorable newborn sleeping…for about FIVE minutes!


  • Diane Popp - April 17, 2015 - 7:13 pm

    Congratulations!!!!! She is a beauty.

Today I spent the day with this adorable newborn.  Kylie is two weeks old.   So much fun to do this session at her family home.  I got to meet her buddy, Jack.  I can’t wait to see her grow and change right before our eyes.  I am so fortunate I get to do this!  xxoo




This little one does not like to miss anything. Newborns are best shot within the first two weeks of life because the tend to be sleepy. Kylie says, Ha!



In her mother’s arms.


Nothing better than a baby crying. I love the emotion of this shot. She wants something. Her mom is figuring that out.


Love this shot. Mother and daughter.  So special. 


Jack has got this all figured out.


A diaper change. One of many…


Such a little peanut, this little one.


Sleeping Kylie.


Those lips are perfection.



Oma  and Kylie. I love when multi -generations join us for a session. Kylie is quite happy in the arms of her Oma.


Kylie with Grandma K. I wonder if Kylie will enjoy looking back at these pictures over the years. I sure hope so.


Uh oh! Well this explains a lot! Kylie is officially a princess!



A day.  Any day.  Will you remember? I capture what is.  Not necessarily what you wish it is, but really and truly what is.  I don’t want to capture your pretend version of life.  I want to capture your REAL life.  In fact, many of you will NEVER do a session like this because you will want to wait until everything is PERFECT.  Guess what?  Perfect is NOW.

I have been shooting this family since Elena was a few weeks old.  In fact, her very first session was my very first session with a teeny tiny baby.  I did not have a clue what I was doing and for the most part it was one of my less than stellar moments as a photographer.  I can’t thank Danny and Melissa enough for sticking with me through all the growing pains of a new photographer.  They are probably my most favorite people to shoot because what you see is what you get.  They are real.  Their house is something Mel always apologizes to me about and I laugh because I get it.  She gets it.  It’s not about the perfectly tidy house.  It’s about the pink robe.

I arrive early.  Ideally I like to catch the kids waking up.  I do have a family myself so sometimes, we have to improvise and do two days in the life and combine them into one day in the life.  On this particular day, I arrived later than I like as I had to drop Jay off at school and I hit a bit of traffic. So we did have to combine two days.  For this session, we wanted to capture the girls morning routine, preschool drop off, lunch, a visit from a friend, and sisters at play and sometimes, sisters at odds.  This session is wonderfully real and true to life as it was on this particular day or two.  What do we do with these pictures?  For Mel, I will create a storybook.  Something they will treasure for many years to come.  I only share a bit.  If you think you would like a Day in the Life Session, please contact my assistant Cassie at I can’t wait to tell your story. The perfect time is NOW.




Good Morning!




The Pink Robe. Kids notice EVERYTHING! Elena was concerned about the whereabouts of Mel’s purple robe. Mel typically wears her purple robe but it was being washed. I think Elena will always remember Mel wearing her purple robe. Mel says it’s longer softer and frumpier. Yep! That’s the one they will remember!


It’s the ordinary, everyday stuff that I love to capture. The little things that show their personality and life as it was…




Getting ready for school.





Breakfast. Emma doesn’t like to sit right now. She will someday.




Everybody needs a timeout!




I know Mel will remember the special in the ordinary.  She is such a great Mom. I have loved watching her grow as a Mother over the years.






Baby It’s Cold Outside!




The Preschool Drop-Off




The details…it’s all about the details in capturing a Day in the Life. This pretty much says everything that could possibly be said about the importance placed on play at Elena’s preschool.




A Good Read




Waiting for Elena, something a little sister does a lot of, until it is her time…



Up to the playroom they go. In years to come it will be fun to look back on how tiny Emma was compared to the banister/railings  she is NOT holding as she follows Elena. I wonder if Elena knows how much her little sister looks up to her and the example she must provide. If she doesn’t yet, she will sooner than later. (Says one Big Sister)



The Play Room…




Measuring time…



Mom in the kitchen. Dad at the desk. Could the title of this book be more funny? I think not!


ahhhh….sisters. I have watched Elena’s “hugs” which at first I thought just might cause harm to sweet little Emma, actually become true “hugs.”


Sometimes, the shots are not perfect, photographically speaking, but must be shared to tell the story. How classic is this? Sharing an Oreo with your Mom! Actually, I think this was not a sharing experience rather a thank you for giving me a cookie experience.




Emma is so sweet. She is making sure her baby is fed.




Uh oh!





















…and they are living happily ever after on a daily basis!



I LOVE shooting birth sessions. I am always reminded of how fragile and perfectly beautiful  this amazing miracle is each and every time I shoot a session. Nothing is to be taken lightly. I arrive early and I stay late. I don’t want to miss a thing. I typically bring work to do just in case it is a long day and it gives me an excuse to stay behind the scenes and observe the happenings without really being noticed. Birth Sessions at Christ Hospital are my favorite because they have these amazing gluten free brownies in the cafe downstairs. I do need to avoid Christ Hospital for a while now, however.  As far as my birth sessions go, I do not share the session in it’s entirety as I think it is a very private and intimate session worthy of being a treasured moment for the family in which I am servicing. If they decide to share it, that is up to them. I do share some of my favorite shots and with captions, so here you go…

If you would like for me to do a birth session for you or someone you know, please contact my assistant, Cassie a  It is a very special session.  Hospital Birth Sessions come with an 8×8 book telling the birth story. Packages are customized to meet your individual needs.  xxoo



I love telling a story. A grandmother meets her granddaughter for the first time and in the back…a mother congratulates her “baby,” after she has given birth.


Cell Phones.  For a while I really did not like cell shots when I was trying the beautifully capture the story. Now.  I realize this is the story.  Sometimes.  Love it.  Proud grandfather capturing a proud grandmother.

Cell Phones. For a while I really did not like cell shots when I was trying to beautifully capture the story. Now. I realize this is the story. Sometimes. Love it. Proud grandfather capturing a proud grandmother.

Ahhhh...An Aunt and an Uncle.  How sweet is this?

Ahhhh…An Aunt and an Uncle meeting their brand new, just born niece for the very first time. How sweet is this? How LUCKY am I to capture stuff like this???? 

A First Look...another favorite from the session.  A father and his daughter begin that very special bond.

A Close Look…another favorite from the session. A father and his daughter begin that very special bond.


I wonder what he is thinking. I am thinking…remember this very moment. The years will pass by very quickly. Embrace and treasure each and every moment. Well. Almost each and every moment. There will be a few moments that won’t be what you signed up for, but overall, it’s a wonderful life.






I could do a series on the faces of newborns. Love their expressions.




It was very difficult to get even one shot of this adorable baby alone because everyone was so excited and patiently waiting their turn to hold her. I absolutely love her hair. I love her long fingers and her adorable feet. I love her cute lips and adorable nose. She is perfect.


A very happy grandfather!

A very happy grandfather!

One of my favorite shots of this session. A picture tells so much.  Looks to me like this grandmother is very relieved, and thankful that her granddaughter has arrived and her daughter is doing well.  Prayers have been answered.

One of my favorite shots of this session. A picture tells so much. Looks to me like this grandmother is very relieved, and thankful that her granddaughter has arrived and her daughter is doing well. Prayers have been answered.



  • shelly - March 14, 2015 - 10:58 pm

    Absolutely beautiful Kim. I’m in tears. What incredible moments you captured on film that they will be able to look back on for a lifetime. Priceless. They are touching and you can feel the love in each shot. They are amazing. What a gift you have just shared. Loved them all. What a beautiful family

So excited to launch the 2nd Kim Kruer Photography Cutest Baby Contest tonight! I love the excitement and buzz it creates. This year, I asked to photograph the babies myself rather than having everyone upload a picture of their adorable little one. It was so much fun! I am happy to say it went off without a hitch and everyone did splendidly. I knew the numbers would be down as it is so much easier to upload a picture than to make the trip to my studio in Montgomery, Ohio.  I so appreciate each and everyone of you that made the effort!  As a thank you, I will be sending you a special keepsake in the next few weeks. I wish everyone good luck and I can not wait to see who wins! Here are my favorite  pictures from last year’s winner. Miss Madison Faith!

Madison was itty bitty when she came into the studio for her first session. I realized rather quickly that I would need to see her again and again to get just the right pictures to create the adorable book she won as the Cutest Baby 2014. Each session was better than the last and we had so much fun! I hope to see Madison in the studio as she grows. xxoo WarmandSassyMadisonFaith-Edit KIM_5761-Edit-Edit-Edit KIM_5608-Edit-Edit-Edit KIM_5800-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit KIM_5783-Edit-Edit DSC_9533-Edit-2-Edit DSC_9502-Edit DSC_9808-Edit DSC_9565-Edit DSC_9556-Edit 001 DSC_7315-Edit DSC_7340-Edit DSC_7373-Edit

  • rose - February 17, 2015 - 11:27 am

    they are so cute all theses baby

Where did 2014 go? It started quite a while ago.  I became very dissatisfied with my website.  I put it on construction mode and vowed to rework this very site.  That was months ago, oh my goodness, almost a year ago!   A lot has happened between then and now.  Unfortunately, but maybe fortunately, NOTHING has changed with this site.  but I have high hopes of reworking it in the near future.  In the mean time, it will be up and running and you all can see my work in progress.   2014 was a very good year.  2015 promises to be even better!  I took a bit of a break last year while being audited by the IRS.  Yes.  That was interesting, challenging and stressful. But.  I learned a lot and I get it.  I shot a number of quite beautiful weddings,  lots of adorable babies, children and families.  I had the privilege of shooting the birth of our first grandson, Lincoln.  That. Was. Sweet. I am blessed.  Very blessed. Christmas was magical at home this year.  I had family sessions in my home.  Still waiting to celebrate with our Megan early next week! I will be taking down the Tree this year!

2015 will be filled with LOVE and passion as I get to share in the lives of some pretty amazing people.  I have quite a few weddings on the calendar for 2015, and a birth in the near future.  Getting ready to launch my annual Cutest Baby Contest which is always fun.  I am happy to announce the addition of Cassie Zimmerman to my team.  Cassie will be my administrative assistant. I am looking forward to working with Cassie! I am so lucky I GET to do this!  xxoo

Oh my! Such a sweet family! What a lively session! Two adorable children.  Ella is 
very very busy and such a Little Miss Smarty at two years old. 
 We had such fun singing and playing. 
 Grant is six months old... such an adorable baby boy!

A Kiss

Oh, my! The JOYS of motherhood!!!!! LOVE!

Made in the USA. All American Baby.

Dads are so much fun to have in the studio.

Sweet Baby Boy!

A rest between shots.

Another Kiss

I love this shot. A quiet moment.

Another favorite…


L e t ' s   M e e t
P i n t e r e s t
F a c e b o o k